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Hockers is one of the rare breed of singer songwriters that we love, humble yet so talented. Great honesty in his writing which is heartfelt but relateable, all wrapped up with gorgeous vocal delivery.


                                                                   Lorraine Solomons     -Success Express Music-



Hockers is very clever and subtle songwriter. His voice has the range, power and tenderness to reflect the great talent he has. He has headlined my night The Island Experiment and wowed the audience who always enjoy his vibe. I look forward to having him back. 


                                                                                 Wade Bayliss   -Island Experiment-



When I first heard Hockers, I was taken in by his vocal range and catchy hooks! He brings a warm and honest energy to any stage he graces! Keep an eye and ear on this artist!


                                                                                    Chiu Dat     -Noteworthy Music Night-


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